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OZ Biosciences

Since 2003, OZ Biosciences creates, develops and produces innovative molecular delivery systems which are specialized in transfection and transduction tools, for the worldwide scientific community and pharmaceutical industry. OZ Biosciences is focused on the delivery technologies of biomolecules such as DNA, RNA and protein for in vitro and in vivo applications.

In recent years, the life sciences have experienced a technological revolution. The progress achieved in genomic, functional genomic and proteomic areas has created tremendous opportunities for the improved understanding of basic biological processes and for the development of the next generation of medicines. OZ Biosciences mission is to provide cutting-edge transfection and transduction reagents in order to enable life sciences researchers to achieve outstanding success. OZB assist scientists to accelerate the rhythm of discoveries by offering technologically advanced tools such as transfection reagents, transduction tools, mRNA, lipid nanoparticles and other life science research products. Principal innovations are based on proprietary technologies such as Magnetofection, Magneto-Biolistic and lipids- and polymer-based delivery systems. In addition to specialized and expertise in innovative nucleic acids delivery systems such as LNP, OZ Biosciences also provide custom transfection, LNP and mRNA services and are involved in many international research projects.

Role within SINPAIN

OZ Biosciences is the leader of Work Package 1 of the project. Its main objective is the development of RNA-based nanoformulations, especially the selection of the siRNA therapeutics for the knock-down of IL1-B and NGF by using proprietary transfection reagents. OZB is in charge of the formulation of the siRNA into LNPs nanocarriers and their physico-chemical characterization. The most promising RNA nanoformulations will be surface-functionalized with peptides to target the relevant cells and increase their efficacy and biocompatibility.

Main contacts

Photo of Olivier Zelphati
Olivier Zelphati

Team Leader

Photo of Dinesh Dhumal
Dinesh Dhumal

Deputy Team Leader, WP1 Lead

Photo of Elise Bonvin
Elise Bonvin

WP1 Deputy