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A cost-effective combined advanced therapy to treat knee osteoarthritis


So far, osteoarthritis (OA) has no cure, and current treatment approaches suffer many drawbacks. Moreover, the number of people affected by the progressive disease is steadily rising, entailing a growing unmet need for therapeutic OA treatments.

SINPAIN strives to become a game-changer in knee osteoarthritis (OA) treatment by developing a product pipeline for safe, efficient, and cost-effective advanced siRNA therapies.

The proposed SINPAIN therapy will combine RNA technology, nanocarriers and an improved hyaluronic acid-based knee viscosupplement (IA-HA). The pioneering treatment has the potential to manage inflammation and control the innervation of knee OA at any stage of the disease progression (grades 0-1 and 3-4). Specifically designed machine-learning tools will support the delivery of personalised therapies.

The interdisciplinary SINPAIN team will also add to a new understanding of the complex disease, its underlying causes and mechanisms, allowing for more personalised diagnostic and treatment options for knee OA. If successful, the SINPAIN technology will be instrumental in alleviating pain and slowing down disease progression for countless patients.