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Unlocking the Potential of RNA Therapeutics: New Policy Paper Released by EU Projects EXPERT and B-SMART

The potential of RNA therapeutics is vast, extending far beyond COVID-19 vaccines. A comprehensive policy paper, just released by the consortia of two EU Horizon2020 projects, B-SMART and EXPERT, delves into the possibilities of RNA-based nanomedicines and calls for increased efforts directed towards RNA research.

While research in the B-SMART project, which concluded in 2022, focused on combating pervasive neurodegenerative illnesses, such as Alzheimer's, the current EXPERT project takes a closer look at cardiovascular diseases and at non-communicable diseases like cancer.

The comprehensive B-SMART and EXPERT policy paper underscores the necessity for more targeted research schemes and additional funding to fully harness the potential of RNA-based therapeutics. The paper outlines opportunities, challenges, and recommends priorities to ensure Europe remains a global leader in this field, ultimately benefiting people and patients worldwide.

As fellow researchers in the field of RNA, we share the hope that driving innovation in this field will translate into tangible benefits for people's health and wellbeing. We look forward to contributing to the RNA revolution and working alongside projects like EXPERT to unlock the full potential of RNA therapeutics,” asserts SINPAIN coordinator Damien Dupin.

We strongly urge our network to download, read, and share this comprehensive paper.