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A cost-effective combined advanced therapy to treat knee osteoarthritis


On 18-21 April 2024, the Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) held their World Congress on Osteoarthritis in Vienna, Austria.

Huan Meng and Zhen Li from SINPAIN partner AO Research Institute presented the work they are doing in SINPAIN as a poster entitled “An In Vitro 3D Osteoarthritis Model Focusing on Angiogenesis of Subchondral Bone and Cartilage Degradation“. Their contribution was presented in two poster sessions on 19 and 20 April grabbing the interest of a few hundred people. The work is part of their task in the project to develop 3D OA models using bi-layered cell-scaffold constructs with pericytes/endothelial cells or sensory neurons and articular chondrocytes.

In addition, Magali Cucchiarini and Henning Madry from SINPAIN partner Saarland University Medical Centre were present at OARSI. They have close ties to OARSI, the leading medical society for advancing the understanding, early detection, treatment and prevention OA through its exclusive dedication to research. SINPAIN is expected to profit significantly from this connection. While Henning Madry is Editor in Chief of OAC Open, Magali Cucchiarini was newly elected as Member of the Executive Committee of the Board of OARSI. Congratulations, Magali!

Henning, Zhen and Huan at OARSI 2024
Huan presenting the poster