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A cost-effective combined advanced therapy to treat knee osteoarthritis

SINPAIN at Articulando el Deporte 2024

On 6-8 March 2024, SINPAIN had the great opportunity to be part of the 4th Articulando el Deporte Congress organised by OAFI, the International Osteoarthritis Foundation.

Sportspeople are particularly affected by osteoarthritis. Therefore, the congress offered a great opportunity for Damien Dupin and Angela Moncada from SINPAIN coordinator CIDETEC to give an introductory presentation about the project’s approach on developing a new therapy combining RNA technology, nanocarriers and an improved hyaluronic acid-based knee viscosupplement (IA-HA). The pioneering treatment has the potential to manage inflammation and control the innervation of knee OA at any stage of the disease progression. The presentation was well received prompting participants to ask a number of questions and engaging in vivid discussions.

A recording of the presentation in Spanish is available here.

In addition, both Angela and Damien were present at the congress throughout its duration with a SINPAIN booth offering plenty of opportunity to the approx. 400 visitors of the congress to inform themselves about the project and take away information material. We noticed that people were very much interested in our developments and the research we are doing. They repeatedly asked if the new treatment option was already available to try and test. The attention and eagerness to learn more about new treatments expressed by people with osteoarthritis are a true driver for us to make our best effort in conducting our research. Visitors, particularly clinicians specialised in sports medicine, were also interested in the diagnostic tool we are developing and even offered some good suggestions to take into consideration in our future work. The booth also offered the chance to make contact with companies and other parties that could potentially lead to future collaborations.

The Congress was an activity in a series of events that SINPAIN lately engaged in with OAFI. Highlights so far were the OAFI workshop connected to the 3rd SINPAIN Progress Meeting in November 2023 and the interview with Damien Dupin and Angela Moncada on OAFI TV and radio channel in February 2024.