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A cost-effective combined advanced therapy to treat knee osteoarthritis

Professor Henning Madry awarded Oskar Medicine Prize

Professor Henning Madry from SINPAIN partner Saarland University received the Oskar Medicine Prize for his research on the causes of osteoarthritis. The prize in the amount of 50,000 € is awarded yearly by the Oskar-Helene-Heim-Stiftung for outstanding scientific endeavours.

With their research in the field of osteoarthritis, Prof Madry and his team at Saarland University aim to better understand and predict how the illness is developing in individual patients and which therapy would help them best to avoid long suffering and larger operations. New therapies in modern orthopaedic surgery have helped to improve the patients’ quality of life significantly. However, the implantation of endoprostheses, particularly in younger patients, and their wear and tear is an unresolved problem in orthopaedic surgery. Therefore, Prof Madry and his team at the Center of Experimental Orthopaedics, aim to find strategies to regenerate damaged articular cartilage and other musculoskeletal tissues to restore the original functionality. Early detection and treatment and a better understanding of osteoarthritis on the part of the surgeons will help to find better therapies for patients. At the same time, patients need to be informed about therapy options so that they can understand the risks and benefits and contribute to a more successful treatment of osteoarthritis. The Oskar Medicine Prize was awarded within the scope of the DKOU Congress, the German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, on 24 October 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

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